36x48 w/20x12 Lip High Pile Carpet Chairmat
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Product Descriptions

Execumat Chairmat is the thickest carpet chair mat made. This chairmat is 1/4" thick and made for heavy duty high pile carpet. The execumat chairmat has a nice texture which keeps your office chair on the mat. The carpet grippers on this mat are more like bumps to protect your carpet. This chairmat come with a lifetime warranty.

Product Features

  • Thickest Chairmat and made in the U.S.A. If you are tired of thin chairmats, try the execumat thickest office chairmat made.
  • These chairmats can handle the thickest carpet and eliminate most of your dishing and dimpling chairmat problems.

Extra Info

Thickest Chairmat made at 1/4" thick, made for heavy duty use and carpet. Chairmat comes with a lifetime warranty and ships out fast. Fast free shipping.